Festivals in march and april

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The festival season is slowly beginning and TRANSHUMAN is off for a good start with three international festivals having selected our film.

Cineglobe International Film Festival in CERNOfficial selection Mecal 2012Film & Science Amsterdam

Director Titus Nachbauer reacts: "We are very proud to be selected in CERN, the home of the world's largest physics laboratory. I studied physics for a few semesters, so I am thrilled to go there." As it turns out TRANSHUMAN was selected as one of only 55 films out of a total of 1450. "That's a good score" Titus agrees.

We are proud to announce that TRANSHUMAN will be viewing at three international festivals in march and april 2012:

"In Barcelona we're in a very large festival, which makes it very exciting as well. Amsterdam is my hometown, so I hope to be meeting people from the science film community there. Somehow it seems we have hit a nerve with our short film about the future of the human mind. I would love to extend on that subject and so together with producer De Familie Film & TV we are looking for financiers for a longer project on transhumanists, Anders Sandberg and uploading of the mind. The idea that in a few decades we might be granting human rights to computers is fascinating to say the least."

See our page with viewing dates for more information on when to see the film. Whenever possible director Titus Nachbauer will be attending viewings in person. Keep an eye on our TRANSHUMAN Facebook page for the latest updates.